Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stress coping mechanism, numbers 2 and 3

Retail therapy! wheee....

Erin and I went shopping today, as she was doing a whirlwind visit. Ahh, it was great. I came home around noon, took Amber to her MCATs, and had a quick sushi lunch at Masumi. And then - to Market World! If you come to the Diamond Bar/Walnut/Industry area of Los Angeles, I'll happily go with you. It's a large supermarket, with some little shops tucked around the edges.

Oops, gotta backtrack just a little. My colleague Alex, a newly hired librarian, told me about her Wall of Food. It sounds more like Wall of Weird Food! but I knew exactly what she meant. So, in return for taking my reference hours this afternoon, so I could go shopping with Erin, I promised to look for weirdness. (ok, other than in the mirror!)

From Market World, we went to Ten Ren Tea, where we had Teazers. Oh yum... they plied us with samples, and we complied by succumbing to the temptation of various goodies like tea cookies, sweets and tea.

And then, on to Marukai. Oh, my favorite place to browse! and buy...

This is the weirdest:

The english label on the shelf said "Etiquette One." Puzzled? So was I, until I turned the package over and looked at the illustrations. Do I still need to explain what One refers to? Or the etiquette to which they're referring?

OK, until you see the words "Ion Supply Drink," you might not realize the contents are to replace the sweat.

Now, I realize this is not readily apparent at all. But it's too cool for words- glow in the dark origami paper!

And what's stress coping mechanism number 3? Getting a letter from your Doctor in record time, that says my CA-125 levels are normal! wheee! My level is 8, where less than 21 is what you want. Yayyyy!

I'm not done with the doctors or the medical whack-a-mole, though. I still need to go to the GYN for a decision on the ovarian cyst. Somebody told me a cyst is no big deal, it's like a pimple. I can't help it, the first thought was OMG, what if I had a 2-inch pimple on my nose?!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Stress Coping Mechanisms

I'm gonna start listing my stress coping mechanisms. Y'all are free to smack me with one whenever I start whining.

First up:

SING! Sing loud, in the shower or not. If you sing like I do, do it when only the cats are around. Sing! And then laugh hysterically when the cats get up and leave the room.

Turtle is as turtle does

I'm in emotional turtle mode. That's where you develop a shell, and at the slightest provocation, just tuck your whole self in and freeze. Consequently, I'm not poking my head out much, and I'm getting even less accomplished.

However!! Erin's coming to town for a visit! Oh, this is going to be fun. I'm going to take the afternoon off tomorrow, and we're going to cruise the Asian grocery stores. I don't think we'll have time to go into LA or Little Tokyo for fabric or bookstores, though.

I've been spending a lot of time surfing blogs, and doing that same o' same o' "not good enough" self-flogging. Looking at lots of eye candy, like the style and fashion websites... and then suffering in comparison. The next phase will be trying to emulate, then going "eww", and coming back to the existential "I yam what I yam." You've seen me do this before. (snork- here comes the little voice that says "do you think anyone's paying attention?)

Today is the day where they'll call with the results of the CA-125 test, if it's bad. If it's ok, or even borderline, they'll send a postcard. In a week or so. Such joy I'm having.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

YouTube Rocks!

Or, at least it seems to work for me...

This is my video of the Greater LA Spinning Guild Meeting. I didn't quite get it right, somehow my graphics got deleted.

This one, however, seems to be good. Well, except that somehow I appended the overview clips. Suffice it to say, there was a much larger learning curve with the movie software than there was for YouTube!!

Dave, thanks for starring in my first movie. (very big grin) You make a much better demonstrator than I!