Saturday, December 08, 2007

I love Mexico...

wow, what a trip!! We didn´t get to milk snails today - seems that the reason these snails aren´t all extinct is because they are out on rocks that are too rough for women of a certain age and weight to scramble over.

I have rock rash on my butt, and I didn´t even get halfway out to the snails. God bless our tour guide Eric, he told Steph and I that there was just no way we were going to get there, and to get back in the boat. Dammitall, I was bound and determined not to let 20 yards of rocky beach get between me and those snails, not after coming all this way. Luckily, he brought us a snail to pet (it had already given its dye to Abecuc), and the boat took us around to watch Abecuc scramble over the rocks for more snails and their dye.

I bought a nice museum-quality piece of fabric out of the coyuche cotton, but I don´t think I´m going to get any seeds.

More on this fabulous trip later -- I´m keeping short notes, transferring into a journal that´s only a week behind, and then I´ll try to transcribe here. I confess, the word I write most often in the notes is SHOPPING!

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