Monday, July 14, 2008

The Roketman and the Haiku

The Roketman and the Haiku
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This picture is from our first night on the Haiku - isn't it a sweet little boat? We spent most of the afternoon buying groceries and moving in.

Looking in at the Salon
Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster
I admit this isn't the best picture, but I really love the lighting.

I do really like this boat -- I want to charter it next year too. But I think I'll buy some sage for the owners to put in it, as soon as I'm ambulatory. Smudge out all the bad spirits, thoughts, whatever. The ritual works.

These pictures are from the night before my accident. awww. I do have a lot of emotion still, and I can't blame them on the painkillers either. I do appreciate the support, people. (maybe I'll blog about how to address invisible friends out there on the web... dear readers sounds too cute, people almost sounds too impersonal, "guys" is sexist. I'll go with calling all y'all "people" until I figure out something better. But feel free to propose something better.)

(did anybody notice how cleverly I slid from talking about something uncomfortable to blathering about inconsequentials?)

Must be bedtime, huh.


At 7:24 AM , Blogger marta said...

I have loved reading about and seeing pics of your vacation. The boat is like something out of a movie. And, Rocketman? yes, I'd say you definitely have a keeper there. Ruth, in Serendipity you spoke of how you find wonderful and enjoyable things, I beg to disagree: It's you and your spirit and attitude - it's a gift, talent and skill. You can have fun at most everything. I only say most because, really, no one has fun dealing with pain - but a lot would let it intrude on happiness, not you. Take care of yourself, eh? As for me, I'll be taking the laptop along on our trip to the Black Hills (cough::bugsheatwhineylittlegirls::cough) for inspiration. hmm...maybe I should save all your pics as who knows if there's wireless there?

At 9:00 AM , Blogger Ruth S. said...

ummm, Marta -- it's the Prozac. Honest. OK, it's only 20mg a day, but I swear it makes a HUGE different in my attitude.

I like myself when I take it. When I'm a grumpy complainer, not so much.


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