Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

So, for those of you in the US, Happy 4th because it's Independence Day, and the rest of you have a happy 4th just because everyone should be happy. La la la la!!

Yup, I'm feeling goofy... after a lot of dancing around nervously about it, cyber-wise, I got my blog roll started. Not everyone's on there yet.

I also started on carding the Prudence fleece. Oh, wow... Can I just say that Whitefish Bay Farm fleeces rock? I had to flick the ends on Tempest, probably because she was a lamb and didn't keep her coat on.

Memo to self: take pictures!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Time to formulate a work plan again

Today is Monday, and I am watching the fruits of my own ambition, or lack thereof. There's an interesting mix of inertia from vacation return-to-work, guilt that I'm not raring to go, and squabbling amongst the voices in my head. (hey, I promise I'm not psychotic, but you can feel free to disagree and correct me if you think I'm wrong)

"I oughta write up a work plan for what I want to do this summer." (voice A, oldest child, the responsible one)

"Snork! Like you're ever going to get everything accomplished." (voice B, the inner brat, who sounds amazingly like my little brother)


ok, you get the idea.

Here's a list of what I'd like to get done this summer, fiber-wise:

(in order of occurence to me right now)

  • Spin up the cotton from last year's harvest, and design, weave and submit for that contest in Colorado
  • Finish the rocket gansey
  • knit 93 million pairs of socks so I win the Summer o' Socks
  • Finish the cashmere sweater for the Roketman
  • Spin up the 10 pounds of recycled denim (I'm not kidding- I really do have that much!)
  • Spin up the Prudence fleece from Whitefish Bay Farm
  • Get about 5 fleeces from Robin Snyder in North San Diego County, and dye, spin and sell the skeins
  • Re-start the seedlings for the dye plants that died while we were on vacation, because the sprinkler system went out, because the electricity went out.
hmmm. Right now, I have two conflicting thoughts:
  1. I haven't thought of everything I want to put on this list
  2. There's no way I'm going to accomplish all this. (well, duh.)
OK, now I can avoid thinking about all this and get back to the work I get paid for.

Later update:

Add another item:
  • Write the article on Quipus