Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stash addition...

This was a wonderful weekend for fiber -- yesterday I went to the Lace Day with Jez, and today I went to the Handweaver's Show. These two shows are always on the same weekend, the first of November, in the Torrance, California Civic Center. Always worth going!!

I spent a bit... but nothing I don't need. (yeah, right.) I got some out of print books by Harriet Tidball, one of the giants of handweaving in the 1950s-60s. Plus, since Jez wants to learn to tat, I got a nice ball of cotton and a couple of shuttles.

We made a side trip after the show, to Penzeys Spices and to Marukai. There's only one Penzey's in Southern California, and they have really good stuff. I stocked up for the winter, most notably with hot chocolate mix.

Marukai? That's a chain of Asian markets. OMG, Erin-- this is the Marukai I should have taken you and Jo to!! It's huge- they even have a furniture department on the second floor. I got a few little things, including a really cool Japanese magazine called (I think) NHK, 2007 no.10. Click on the shot below to see the rest of the pictures on Flickr.

Cover Shot
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Today was the Handweaver's Show. I went back by myself- must have worn Jez out. (as if.) I was motivated by the need for weaving shuttle bobbins, and was gobsmacked by these Grafton Fibers needles. (long pause to relive the memory...)

They are as good as the hype. (fanning myself)

Let's see, I got a bobbin winder, and those punis you see. I'm going to study how they spin, and try to replicate with my own cotton.

I took the SpinTech, to much admiration from the multitudes. They were much impressed by the battery and inverter setup, too! (as am I...)