Friday, February 29, 2008

Ice Queen

Ice Queen
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It's late, I don't remember if I blogged about the Ice Queen before... I've been really stuck on how to convert this to a triangular piece with rounded points. So, I was googling all over to figure something out... and I finally figured it out -- instead of a wimple or smoke ring, expand it more to a moebius!! That will work.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008


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This is my spreadsheet showing spinning totals on the RocketGansey-dottir sweater. I'm going to do another one pretty much like the last, because I like it so much. However, I spun this one as a 3-ply, hoping that this will minimize the pilling.

Why the name RocketGansey-dottir? Well, I don't want to name it Son of RocketGansey, so I'm adopting the Norse tradition of naming a daughter after her mother. Instead of Peterson, you'd have Ingridsdottir.

Now I have 1232 yards, and the last skein is a bit thinner-- 43.5 yards per ounce. I'll use that at the bottom hem. The thickest is 36.9 yards per ounce, which will provide stability at the shoulders. That's the plan, anyway!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Somebody sent flowers!!

Somebody sent flowers!!
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Wow- somebody sent me flowers! Thank you, whoever you are... I have no clue. But wow- thank you!

Here's what happened. I was sitting at my desk, slaving away at compiling usage statistics. And I'll admit, it was making me cranky.

So, when Gale called my office to have me come down to the desk, I was ready to spread a bit of that cranky around if it wasn't really, really necessary to interrupt me in all my statistical revelations.

Now, ask me if I'm ashamed I even thought about being cranky in the first place.

Progress on the fiber front- I have that third bobbin spun!! I think I have enough for one more bobbin, so what I'll do is card up 10gr. mini-batts and divide those up into thirds.

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