Monday, July 07, 2008

The highlights of the day

Today was a driving day. We left Chemainus about noon (hey, it's a VACATION!) and headed for Port Hardy, on the northernmost point of the island. We had no intention of getting there, mind you, but it was a good destination to input into the Garmin.

Remind me to extoll the virtues of GPS navigation one of these days - it's a giggle to veer off the prescribed route and have this voice say "Offroute. Recalculating." The Roketman has added on the option to get Sirius satellite radio through the Garmin, and it interrupts the music to give directions. Except, at one point, it sounded like the voice gave us a raspberry. I'm sure it was just the music, but still.

Nice sweater, lady.
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We had lunch in Nanaimo, and I found the sweater I've been looking for, a genuine Salish-knitted sweater. The woman who owns the shop was married to one of the tribe, and still has contacts there.

Needless to say, this was the highlight of my day. I did wear it back to the car, because I was COLD! from the air conditioning in the restaurant. I did get a lot of strange looks from other people. If anyone had asked, I'd have said "We're from Los Angeles" and they'd have nodded their heads. We do have the reputation of being crazy, us Hollywood types.

The boat he wants some day
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This was the highlight of Mike's day - looking at the boats in Nanaimo harbor. I could say that he wants the big boat with the shrink-wrapped helicopter on its heli-pad, but he's really rather have that tug behind the harbor sign. (click through to Flickr for a better view)


At 11:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your new sweater! Bring it to knit night on Wed. ...if you're home and can get Hubby to drive you.

Miss you! Glad you're having fun. I LOVE the Pacific nw & wish I was there! I do get to go as far as Eureka, CA this weekend to visit my ds and to get my summer fog & redwood fix. : )

- Denise

At 7:55 PM , Blogger Laura said...

Oh MY! I was just catching up on your blog and see that you've had quite a vacation! OY!

I'm glad that you're the person that you are, can take all the mishaps in stride, and continue to have a good time. But OY!

I hope you come back in one piece.


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