Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've got a cold

Ah, humility is writing a blog, disappearing for a week, and nobody comments. It's all right, I don't write for fame or fortune, I write for *me*. But that's a dance I do regularly-- the "Nobody loves me, nobody reads me, nobody notices... but wait-- I am what I am, and I'm ok with that."

Uncle Jim's funeral was amazing- a small town outpouring of love and appreciation for a man who never expected to live as long as he did. He weighed two and a half pounds when he was born in 1918, and they kept him warm by putting him in a shoebox and putting that on the oven door.

My cousin Bob did an amazing eulogy, and related that his father told him many times "You need to remember this, because I'm going to die young." Jim was wrong- he died just one month short of his 90th birthday.

I came back from Kansas with a doozy of a cold, so I won't write much more until I feel better. I have lots of pictures, stay tuned.