Friday, October 19, 2007

A cool thing to consider...

Remember when I was talking about using Arduino circuits for textiles? OK, I'm nowhere near actually having one, much less DOING it... but I found this over on

So now, I'm having all sorts of ideas on how to apply this to textiles. You know that guy on the commercials that gives out his Social Security number because his company will protect him from ID theft? I'm thinking billboard, here.

On the freeway? Cute guy in that car in the next lane? Flash him your cell number.

Out cruising the bars? Have a necklace or blouse that can act as a mood ring -- green light, yellow light, red light, you get the picture.

Oh boy, now I'm having visions of Las Vegas... wait a minute, I'm flashing on Robert Redford as the Electric Horseman. Wow, my own brain just rescued me from flashing neon pasties. Thanks, brain! Robert Redford is much better eye candy.

Oh, now here's a more usefull application - what if we could hook up little olfactory sensors to give early warnings of obnoxious Body Odor? Something that would link up to a DickTracy wristband, to say "Warning, Will Robinson! Your armpits have reached a wetness level that may exceed ambient evaporation, and the smell level is now at 1.3 parts per million on the Safeguard Soap "Go take a shower NOW" meter!"

hmmm. Think I'm on the manic side of a mood swing? me too.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Home again, back to the old grind...

We're back home, and the stress is hard to ignore. The good news is that surgery is scheduled for Monday... the bad news is that I don't have a current knitting project that is sufficiently obsessive for me to ignore the stress.

What can I say? I have plenty of UFOs, but by definition, those aren't grabbing my attention. And I'm sufficiently unsettled and unfocused to the point of not being able to find something that is (1) mindless enough, and (2) interesting. Yeah-- I'll admit that I'm pretty hormonal. translation: not rational. Not to the point of being irrational; I can still get myself to work, but tackling the "to do" list is pretty hard.

Even Ravellry is insufficient to hold my attention for long - what does that tell you??