Monday, May 07, 2007

Inspirational sayings...

OK, so I'm supposed to be writing documents for my performance appraisal, and I'm way overdue on them, and pretty much in "Idon'twanna" mode. I'm digging through old documents, and came across a collection of quotes that I want to put here.


Some yogic traditions in India gauge a person’s level of awareness by their reason for spinning. The lowest person just wants to sell their yarn. A more advanced soul spins so they can weave. More advanced yet is the person who spins and gives the yarn away.

At the highest level is the person who spins as pure awareness.

Quoted by Wendy E. Bateman


As a rule, competency is usually inversely porportionate to noise.

Kathy Gluesenkamp
Rancho Borrego Negro


He’s doomed, like we all are – doomed to the consequences of our actions.
The trick is to know that the stupidest actions have the most dire consequences.

*I* said it.


The Gods have spoken. What they have said is anyone's guess. But life was precious on the hill, up on Indian Ridge, in the night, when the stars began to fall.

Harry (Quill)


The truth? Wheels are alive. Like everything God calls into being and allows us to witness, they have the blessing of the Creator. Like everything created for the good, they are created by God or by God's consent and by women and men who are made in God's image (in other words, who are creators). Wheels are alive.

Harry (Quill)


Not allowing children (or adults!) to dress up as the shadow side of themselves
is pretending, once again, that the shadow "doesn't know" and isn't there.
It's bad, bad, bad for the soul. It's what Sleeping Beauty is all about -- the
consequences of excluding the dark.....
Harry Kelly, Sheep Thrills, 10/31/2001


"Knitting is, at its fundamentals, a binary code featuring top-down design, standardized submodules, and recursive logic that relies on ratios, mathematical principles, and an intuitive grasp of three-dimensional geometry."
-Kim Salazar

From: Harry
To: Sheep Thrills
Date: Sun Mar 3, 2002 10:49 am
Subject: Grief


You wrote about the mother who killed children down the street from you and how that is affecting you. You said you were afraid to knit and leave a kippah. You said there were no heroes here like there were on September 11th and after.

You're so wrong. You are the hero. For feeling it. For caring. For writing about it. For wondering what effect it might have on your knitting. For realizing that the knitting of a garment, any garment, is part of how we turn back the darkness, over and over, which threatens to overwhelm us. We fight despair stitch by stitch and kindness by kindness. The battle we all fight to save our vibrant planet from succumbing to cosmic despair isn't all fought with classic valour. Much of the war is fought by the underground resistance -- with needles and their quiet over and over insistence that life is decent and good.

Harry Quill


I miss Harry. He was pretty active on Sheep Thrills until his partner Jimmy died in a tragic farm accident. I'm quoting him here without asking prior permission, because I don't know how to get ahold of him... somehow, I think he wouldn't mind.

That post to Sheep Thrills above- it's just so unbelievably inspirational. "Much of the war is fought by the underground resistance -- with needles and their quiet over and over insistence that life is decent and good." wow. I miss you, Harry.


Make a note and pass it on...

This was in the GLASG newsletter:

“Living with Beauty: Hand Woven Textiles for the Home”

The Pikes Peak Weavers Guild in Colorado Springs, Colorado in conjunction with the Business of Art Center (BAC, of Manitou Springs, is sponsoring a juried exhibit of hand woven textiles for the home and extends an invitation for all weavers to participate. The BAC is a non-profit arts organization and is renowned for its exhibitions, educational opportunities, development of both artistic and business skills of artists, and for hosting theater, music, and conferences. $4000 in cash awards will be presented at the juror’s discretion.

Entries must be hand-woven for use in the home interior, be an original design, and be finished objects. Your entry must be postmarked by December 15, 2007 and your work will be exhibited in the Hagnauer Gallery from June 13 to July 26, 2008.

For more information about this exciting possibility and a prospectus, see The Pikes Peak Weaver’s Guild’s website at

OK, I'm seriously overbooking myself if I try for this. But- that's the way I do things, isn't it? I'll pretend that it helps me accomplish more, if I set my sights high. But is that really a way to set myself up for guilt for not being able to finish? Ah, the life script that Daddy taught me... even if I know what's going on, I still feel compelled to do it, and to beat myself up for the "failure"-- and it's always failure because it coulda-shoulda been better.

Stoppit, Ruth! (laughing at self here-- no, I'm not really beating myself up!)