Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm starting to think this trip journey needs an exorcist...

This trip journey seems to be as downhill as it is up.

Latest downers: Mike dinged the boat doing the final refueling and pumpout. (I have visions of yappity Chihuahua-type teenybopper summer-hires giving 89sets of conflicting directions like "Over here! No, over here! Wait! No, hurry!" but then, I'm on pretty impressive painkillers right now. My imagination runs rampant.)

We had a pretty good room at the Fidalgo Inn, but somebody else reserved it for tonight. They didn't quite kick us out... well, yeah, they did.

But we found an even better room at the Holiday Inn Express in Burlington. I'm going to go out of my way to give it a good review on whatever Google Maps links to. The only thing Fidalgo has that this doesn't is a view of the ocean.

I did have a bit of emotion over having to move, but the Roketman pulled me through. God, I love that man.

When it became obvious that we needed a rental car, Mike got us the last one in town. It's a red Ford Escort with 130K miles... and you don't want to run the radio with the motor off. (you don't want to run the engine while you're sitting in the car for very long either... phoooey! lots of exhaust)

Tomorrow, we're picking up a better car, then taking the ferry to Vancouver Island. I still want to have cucumber sandwiches at the Queen Victoria Hotel. Please, God, if it isn't too much to ask? No more challenges on this trip?

One last story-- we had lunch at the Cascade Brewery in Burlington. It's right off the I-5. I'd seen the sign earlier-- NOW SERVING BREAKFAST!!

OK, are you thinking what I was thinking? What kind of breakfast do they serve at a brewery? Beer-batter pancakes? Beerios? We wanted to ask.

It's a very upscale restaurant, very nice. I had clam chowder, made from scratch, with a wonderful splash of seasoned olive oil and garlic croutons. Mike had the grilled salmon sandwich. The sourdough was awesome, made locally.

I think we'll go back for dinner. Unfortunately, I won't be able to sample the beer...

And the thing with breakfast? Not what I imagined at all. (snickering at myself here) It's more of a lumberjack-type breakfast menu.


At 5:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Things are looking up. Brewery bf, tea at the Empress, pain killers...
Have fun!
- Denise


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