Wednesday, August 29, 2007

These cats must be relatives to Omen

Go see these Cats in a Hat -- too funny! Now I have to go dig out the pictures of Omen in his pink tutu.

You know... this gives me an idea. You couldn't tell it by the condition of our rugs, but we groom the cats on a regular basis, just to keep the hair from forming snowdrifts down the hall. (it's a losing battle...)

And it only seems fair that Omen models these "hairpieces". Darned if he doesn't just sit there with a funny look on his face. The other cats flick them off right away -- with dogs, it's an intelligence test to see how long they tolerate having a towel over their head. Omen? Don't know. Even Cera, the stoopid one that drools, flicks stuff off right away.

(yeah, I've seen the Stuff on My Cat website. It's just hard to catch these priceless moments...)

We joke about giving Omen a dye job for Halloween -- painting a white stripe down his back so he's a skunk. Then, it morphed into gelling it up punk-style, so he'd be a (wait for it...)

Punk Skunk.

But now, I'm thinking it would be ever so much more clever to KNIT him a skunk hairpiece. oooo, out of fun fur yarn, complete with a strap around his waist to hold it on, and adding a nice bushy tail. giggle -- out of I-cord, because it really fits the original "idiot" definition of I-cord. OK, maybe it would be hard to put his tail into the I-cord... hey, Velcro would work! Just velcro that sucker around his tail.

Now I'm giggling even harder... it's too funny when Omen actually gets annoyed and starts whipping me with his tail -- I'm seeing him whipping a big ol' fuzzy white skunk-tail! and the fuzz starts flying...

Now, before you accuse me of cruelty, I really wouldn't do this. But the fantasy itself is just wayyy too much fun! (better kharma this way, too.)