Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ice Maiden of Arequipa

Anna Z posted a notice on the GLASG list that there was going to be a textiles lecture at UCLA, so Bjo and I went. It was marvelous. I didn't come home with any new textiles, but that's not for lack of being tempted!

Nilda Callanaupa (put a tilde on that n....) lives in Peru, and has organized a weaving competition to encourage the villages to keep their traditions alive. She brought the winner of this years' competition to demonstrate. It was so cool!!

Nilda had talked for about 5 minutes before the light bulb completed its curcuit ... she was talking about Chechua, where Abby grew up! How neat. I even asked Nilda if she knew Abby, and her face just lit up.

Pictures will go up on Flickr soon, I promise!