Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dither, dither...

You know, I really appreciate all the input! (there were lots of posts over on Fiber Universe and Sheep Thrills too..) Trouble is, there wasn't any overwhelming majority. (whimper)

'Nuf. What I ought to do: rip the dratted thing. (notice how I keep my librarianly manners when I'm not mad as a wet hen?) And then I start thinking delusional thoughts like "Oh, I could take a contrasting yarn and do a stitch-in-the-ditch sort of crochet chain to highlight those cables, and that would help keep it from sagging..."

In the mean time, I've washed up the fleeces that Cecilia and I got from Robin last Saturday. And I'm carding up the last of the Prudence fleece from Whitefish Bay Farms...

My yarn processing operations center
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You can see the roving I'm pulling off the drum carder- that's the last of the fleece from Prudence. On the drying rack is Stuffy, one of the fleeces from Robin Snyder.

Pulling the roving
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See my fancy diz? Yup, it's from a spice jar. I'm using the littlest hole in the middle.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A question for you all...

So, I'm a bit stalled on the Rocket Gansey. The yarn I spun has a LOT of sproing, and so my horizontal measurements are waayyy different than the vertical reality. Which looks best on a short, dumpy broad hoping to look stylish in a rather conservative private university library?

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Here's the short version. hmmm... I think the dpns I used to baste the shoulder seams are what's affecting the drape.

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Here's the medium length

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Here's the long version.

I'd have to rip out a bit, maybe reknit one section to be wider on the medium version, but I wouldn't mind. I want a sweater I feel good wearing.

So, my friends, which length looks best on me? (I was going to do the new polls feature, but I don't find the link this morning. Cie la vie.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer of Socks update

I got to spend a lot of time knitting today -- first in a workshop where we're trying to redefine librarianship yet again, and then in the doctor's office. Suffice it to say that I'm in the process of getting ultrasounds of both the boobage and the pelvis. I'm not too worried, it's being vigilant that's kept me from having the Bad Stuff. So far. (knocking on wood)

This pair of socks is now up past the heel on both socks. (See the nekkid toes waving hi?) The other pair has stalled for now, because random number cables are fun, but you can't put them down and keep your place very often.

'nuf. I got to have a temporary crown put in yesterday, and the jaw hurts. Let's just say my week has been hard, and if you want the whining just ask.

Didn't think so.