Thursday, October 18, 2007

Home again, back to the old grind...

We're back home, and the stress is hard to ignore. The good news is that surgery is scheduled for Monday... the bad news is that I don't have a current knitting project that is sufficiently obsessive for me to ignore the stress.

What can I say? I have plenty of UFOs, but by definition, those aren't grabbing my attention. And I'm sufficiently unsettled and unfocused to the point of not being able to find something that is (1) mindless enough, and (2) interesting. Yeah-- I'll admit that I'm pretty hormonal. translation: not rational. Not to the point of being irrational; I can still get myself to work, but tackling the "to do" list is pretty hard.

Even Ravellry is insufficient to hold my attention for long - what does that tell you??


At 9:42 AM , Blogger cedar said...

Hope the surgery goes well, and just noticed you are a librarian, I, work in the local library here as a circ is a small branch on an even smaller island, part of a regional library system, so enough work...but just wanted to say thanks for the mushroom symposium heads up, and I am just making very sweet felted knitted booties, they distracted me for awhile, and may work for you...I believe the pattern is in All, you know the one, and it is felted knitted booties, they knit in little squares and felted, I made some from 50/50 silk merino I had dyed, and some in sws patons, soy/merino...they distracted me ....hope this helps and good luck.


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