Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Up to my underarms

Up to my underarms - on the RocketGanseyDottir, that is. I'm about to start the third skein, too! There was a bit of ripping back and tweaking for the upper section because I want to put cables on either side of the neck.

I'm dealing with a bit of deer-in-the-headlights anxiety again. Not sure where that's coming from. I'm hoping it's just butterflies over the ROAD TRIP!! up to Palo Alto to take a class from Stephenie Gaustad. Yup, the same Steph who visited Oaxaca when I did. I'm so humbled to say she's my friend. End of mushy stuff, before I have to pass the hip boots.

Sheep Thrillers Cecilia and Ercil are driving up with me, that's why it's going to be such a cool trip. And on Saturday night, we're going to dinner at Sylvia's, and get to meet up with Joy and her family, plus Alfred and a few others.

I strongly urge you to go read Joy's blog - she, Lena and Nyondo are doing amazing things in India. They live up in the Himalayas, and Lena is a Buddhist Lama. (yes, Lama Lena!) If you can, do donate to their humanitarian efforts - they are helping to take care of the flood of refugees fleeing the Chinese abuses in Tibet.


At 6:33 AM , Blogger Marie said...

So, what class are you taking from Steph? Give her a giant hug and big wet kiss (on her cheek) from moi!


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