Monday, April 14, 2008

More charts for the RocketGanseyDottir

I have been dithering about what stitch design to put at the top of the RGD, with several options percolating through the brain cells. I decided that this is the one that was yelling the loudest... but I can't tell you whose gansey gave me the inspiration. It's not nearly as good as hers, I won't even pretend. And if she sics her lawyers on me, there is a LOT of difference between her version and mine.

RocketGanseyDottir- Chart
Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster

Interestingly enough, this gansey isn't out of Scotland, but a more to the south, in England. I think I had the misconception that ganseys were unique to Scotland.

So, other than drafting this pattern, and doing a bit of fluffing wool to ready it for the carder, and spinning about an ounce of singles, I haven't gotten much done. hmmm. Laughing at myself here-- I'm doing that thing where my acccomplishments don't mean much, because the stuff I didn't get done is more noticeable.


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