Monday, April 07, 2008

Taking Lemons and Making Sorbet

There's not a lot of progress in the fiber department, but I plied the Stardust fleece I spun last night. There's 32 grams, for 84 yards. The plan is to wash it in hot water to set the twist, knit it into a largish sample, and abrade the heckouta it.

The reason I haven't gotten much done? We got a new Cuisinart ice cream maker. We have several quart baggies of frozen lemon juice, from the tree in the back yard. (the Roketman wanted to do some pruning, but still save the juice.) I decided sortbet was just the ticket! Oh, yum. But you really can't cook up the simple syrup, stir up the sorbet in the machine and have it the same evening, because it takes too long. The syrup has to cool, and the machine doesn't freeze it hard. The sorbet melted right away in the bowls...

I was amazed at how much sugar this called for - 6 cups of sugar to 2 1/4 cups lemon juice! (plus 3 cups water) I reduced it to 3 cups sugar, and 2 tablespoons stevia powder. It's still a bit tart, so I'll use 3T stevia and 3c sugar next time.


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