Saturday, April 12, 2008

I love the Internet

This morning, the Roketman told me he had an email from Mauritius, asking questions about the Portager website. (warning, it wants to run an ActiveX control program if you go there. It's ok, but here's a screenshot)

Background - Portager is the name of the boat that the Roketman is designing. The plan is to retire and travel on it- by land using a trail to transport it, and by sea under power, not sail. Think of it as a live-aboard tugboat-style boat.

So apparently, there is an engineering student in Mauritius who is building a radio-control boat using a solar panel, and was trying to find the equations for vessel power and hull speed, and a bunch of other engineering-type stuff I don't understand. He googled and found , and emailed for more information. Too cool. The best part is that he's truly researching, and not saying "Do my homework for me."


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