Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's for Lunch? A Bento Box

Bento Box
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Sorry it's a bit blurry - it says "Dear Label. We are passionate about lunch communication. The lunch is a good day pastime."

I can hear you all thinking -- What? I don't get it.

I don't either, that's why I took a picture!

Today was HOT, so I got about half of the laundry and housework done. I even weeded the front yard garden area. When the temps hit 94, I decided to retreat into the house... that was 11am.

I did want to get to Marukai for a bit of shopping, though. I wanted to pick up some stuff for the spinning workshop next week (ROAD TRIP!). Lots of little stuff for $1.50 to $3.00, like sink plungers. Sink plungers, you say? Well, yes. Those are great for doing "yarn abuse." OK, yarn abuse? That's when you do a soft-felt of your yarn, to balance it.

I also got some brush cleaners. Those are little wire rakes, sold to help clean hairbrushes, but they're great for cleaning drumcarders.

I found another NHK craft magazine. I'll take pictures to share with the Flickr group on Japanese Craft Magazines - it's got papermaking, sewing bags by repurposing old shirts, and a crocheted floral scarf.

But what is a bento box, you ask? It's a Japanese lunch box. Go look at some pictures tagged with "bento box" on Flickr. These can get really ornate, with mothers carving little faces into sushi.

Frankly, they seem a bit small for the kinds of portions I eat -- but that's why I have hips the size they are. I didn't buy the bento box, but I did take a picture. I think it's like the "All your base are mine" thing.

Fiber progress? A few rows on the RGD, and dizzed a couple ounces of Stardust. We watched a couple of episodes of Torchwood, and I drafted more staples to card tomorrow. Not nearly as exciting as bento boxes with strange sayings.


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