Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Thursday

Ah, my knitting is now home where it belongs. Thank you, Phebie! And if you find my brain lying around somewhere, let me know.

The weather today was great-- it got up to 79F. It's supposed to get up to 90F this weekend! I just walked out of work and felt like "ahhh!"

Tonight, I made pizza for dinner- the quick scratch kind where I bought the premade crust, and cooked up ground turkey in bottled sauce, sprinkled liberally with Penzey's spices. People on Sheep Thrills have been raving about Penzey's for years, so I was really excited when one opened in Torrance. It's about 45 miles away, but I get over that way several times a year.

Oh, and I used Trader Joe's mozarella log on the pizza too. So, pizza sounds unhealthy, but not this way!

Fiber progress- I got about an ounce of Stardust spun, and about an inch knit on the RocketGanseyDottir. (short pause to find the measuring tape...) I'm at 12 inches, and the original RocketGansey measures 15 inches. I know that there's a lot of drape on the RG - that's a lot longer than the original length. I think I'll put the armholes at 13 inches... It's late, I need to think about where to put the underarm gusset. Tomorrow.


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