Friday, April 18, 2008

If this is Friday, this must be ...

Palo Alto! Well, actually the hotel is in Menlo Park, but I quibble. (it comes from living with an engineer....)

The drive up was uneventful. The Cadillac purred like a kitten, and the miles flew. (any other cliches I could throw in?)

It's late, I'm tired but excited about the class tomorrow with Steph.

ahhhh. Life is good. Ercil will get here in 30-45 minutes, and we'll turn in.

Oh, and for some reason, when Cecilia's daughter, the defense lawyer, heard we were driving the Cadillac, she asked if it was hot. I don't think she was thinking hot as in sexy.

But like I told the Roketman, we won't get arrested. Being high on fiber is legal, if a bit giddy.


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