Wednesday, April 02, 2008

W is for Wednesday

Today, like every Wednesday, I went down the campus of Pomona College to get together with the Pomona Yarn Lovers. Barbara and Tammi were there, and I showed them what I've gotten done with the RocketGansey-dottir. I also showed them the book I'm using, Michael Pearson's Traditional Knitting because I've been dithering about what stitch patterns to use. I've decided to do a horizontal panel of diamonds just below the bust line, and 5 vertical panels above that. Maybe an anchor at center front, and definitely two cables to help stabilize at either side of the neck.

Barbara likes her yarn!
Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster
Here's a picture of Barbara from the Dye Day on 3/8 -- I think she's happy, don't you?

Fiber progress tonight: I cleaned the drum carder so I can start carding the Stardust. I know I'm being a bit obsessive about combing the staples with a rake before I put them on the drum carder, but it really helps to remove the chaff and short fibers. And wow-- spinning freshly carded batts is like slicing through warm butter.

I've gotten seven inches knit on the RG-d (that name just begs to be abbreviated!), two inches today. I better pick those stitch patterns soon!!


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