Thursday, April 03, 2008

Neppy Stardust

Neppy Stardust
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I'm not happy with how the Stardust fleece is carding up. It's just too neppy, and that's going to mess with both consistency and pilling. You can see the different preparations I'm sampling here. From front left, going clockwise-- a mini-batt off the drum carder, rolags from the cotton cards (because the cloth is very fine) and then rolags from the regular handcards.

Looking at these preps, I think I'll try dizzing a roving from the drum carder. Stay tuned.

Ask the Omen
Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster
The Omen kitty likes to get in the way, so I just took his picture. Omen used to be my ex's cat. He's the one who named the cat Omen-- he thought finding a black cat under a dumpster on a Friday afternoon would be a good Omen. It wasn't - I ended up with the cat. He's a brat cat, but we love him.

He's such a brat, especially with the whining, that we joke about doing the "man overboard" drill. (read number 16, you'll get the joke) I swear, it's like the cat is singing tragic opera sometimes.


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