Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Casa de Fruta

Friday, Cecilia and I drove up to Palo Alto for the Comprehensive Spinning workshop with Stephenie Gaustad. From the 5, the Garmin GPS had us cut across on the 152 to the 101. We were just outside of Gilroy when we really really (yes, you know how it goes) needed a rest stop. This is where we stopped...

Casa de Fruta
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I've seen the roadside Casa de Fruta (click for their website) for years but never stopped until now. Such kitschy fun!

Casa de Choo-Choo
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The Casa de Fruta is a casa of many casas. Even the Choo Choo has its own casa.

Casa de Sweets
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Here's the Casa de Sweets.

Hey, Cecilia, Turn Around!
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I caught this candid shot of Cecilia - no, we were going in to the Casa de Deli, not the Casa de Wine. We had just come out of the Casa de Fruta, and Cecilia is gobbling some dried corn.

Haunted Tunnel of Conflicting Signage
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The top sign says "DANGER- DO NOT ENTER TUNNEL" !!

But the middle sign says "You are entering the Casa de Fruta Tunnel. Please Keep Hands and Feet Inside of Train."

I love the contradiction - but it's easy to figure out that you shouldn't be in the tunnel if the train is coming!

Or, like the Roketman says, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but what's that train whistle mean?

This is where I usually post a bit of something about fiber progress. As in, I got this much knitted, or this much spun. How can I describe the fiber progress that happens when you take a phenomenal workshop like this weekend?? I'm going to post it in bits and pieces over the next few days. Hope I can be coherent -- I know that I won't be as brilliant as Stephenie is!


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