Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Santa comes to Oaxaca

Santa comes to Oaxaca
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Back in Oaxaca City, I looked up and saw Santa doing an imitation of Spiderman! Wait, maybe it was Spiderman in a Santa suit. oooo... but then he wouldn't be Spiderman, he'd be Arana Hombre! (put a tilde on that n, sorry)

A poinsettia tree!
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This was in the zocalo - the town square where everyone comes to socialize. Also, the cathedral was right there too. The zocalo was wonderful - the cathedral on one side, restaurants and shops on two sides, and a museum on the other. hmm... I should do a lengthier sequence on the zocalos after I do the Christmas pictures. I love the strangeness of Christmas in a place where the symbols and presentations are so much different than here in the States.

Fiber progress: If I finished the last half of the bobbin from last night, and did another half tonight, that's like a full bobbin, right? (snicker) Glad I made that resolution against expecting too much of myself. I starting thinking "Oh, but it would be better if I'd done all of this bobbin too..." Hey, I'm good enough (and you don't need the rest of that Saturday Night Live skit!)


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