Thursday, January 17, 2008

Caracol snails, and FO!

Milking the snails
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I'm taking this picture from the boat -- you can see how rough the sea is on the rocks. Habecuc is putting caracol on the shawl I brought.

Caracol snail
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Steph and I couldn't climb out to where the snails were, so Eric brought a snail to us. Habecuc presses on the "foot" of the snail to make it give dye.

Caracol snail
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This is the topside of the snail. I knew you could figure that out, but it seemed rude to just give you the picture without text.

Habecuc shows us his skein
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Habecuc is showing us how he wraps the yarn around his finger to paint it with the snails. It looks green, but will turn purple in the sun. You can see the stains on his clothes have already turned purple.

Happy Feet Socks!
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On Fiber: FO! (Finished Object!!) I started these socks a couple days before Christmas, and finished them today. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Company Happy Feet, 90% Superwash Merino Wool, 10% Nylon. There are 192 yds to 50grams in the skein, and I knit them on 2.5mm bamboo dpns (double pointed needles).

I finished them in the doctor's office, and then picked up the Shards socks. I broke one of the Grafton needles, and they replaced it, and sent extras! Whoo hooo!! I cast on for the second sock, so I think things will go faster now. Funny that - knitting a pair goes faster when I knit both at the same time.

I also re-washed a few batts of the Prudence fleece. It seemed gummy and sticky-- apparently I didn't wash out all the lanolin the first time. That will get spun this weekend, hopefully.

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At 8:11 AM , Blogger Marie said...

How many snails do you need to squeeze to dye/stain 100gms of yarn?

At 10:55 AM , Blogger Ruth said...

A lot. One snail gives enough squirt to dye about one square inch of fabric, depending on the size of the snail, the last time it squirted, etc etc.

There's a reason this snail is endangered!! If you make 'em squirt too often, they get too exhausted to stick back to the rocks.


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