Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fountain at Maela

Fountain at Maela
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I thought I'd go back to the beginning of the Oaxaca trip. This is the fountain and courtyard inside the front door at the Hotel Maela . See those windows? That's the room Steph and I stayed in!

Hotel Maela courtyard
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I took this picture later in the week, and we were staying in different rooms. This is the fountain in the back courtyard. It was evening, so this shot isn't as good as I'd like. But I want you to notice the little sign on the stepping stone (closeup in the next shot).

Don't water the plants
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This is the sign on the stepping stone. I won't give an exact translation...

Sneaking in the fiber report at the end as usual: I spun up almost two ounces on the black corriedale. Jez and I went to the closing of an alternative bookstore in Riverside, my old stomping grounds, and then Mike and I went to a folk concert by John York who used to sing with the Byrds in the sixties. I could wax eloquent about aging hippies and the dreamers who still believe and sing along... but it's late. I tend towards runon sentences even more than usual when I'm tired, it seems.


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