Sunday, January 13, 2008

A pair of sea turtles

A pair of sea turtles
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Today's picture... this is a pair of mating sea turtles in Huatulco, Oaxaca. The picture is a bit blurred, but we were on some swells, in a small boat. The male looked quite blissful...

The boat captain said they float like that for hours. That must be why females have so many eggs, huh.

We saw 18-20 turtles in all, which was impressive. The sad part was finding not one, but two turtle shells on the beach, victims of poachers. I hope that seeing so many in the water means they aren't as rare and endangered there.

This weekend was not as gung-ho productive as it .... oh, wait. (smacking myself on the forehead) I resolved not to focus on what doesn't get done!

In that vein, I have both socks of the pair done up to the ribbing. I've picked the garter-stitch raglan back up and got a few rows done, but I DID get over that hump. I'm sampling on the Prudence fleece, and am thinking of doing another gansey. This is the same fleece as Tempest, whose fleece gave me the Rocket Gansey. I'm going to do a 3-ply yarn this time, to see if that pills as badly. So far, the yarn isn't as soft as I'd like, so I'm playing with tpi (twist per inch).


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