Sunday, January 20, 2008

Caracol on my shawl, and getting organized

Caracol dye on cotton shawl
Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster
It's not a very good shot, but this is what Habecuc dyed on my cotton shawl. You can see the difference in color - at the right, it's turned purple in the sun. It goes on green.

And it really smells like the ocean -- well, like seaweed that washed up on the beach a week or so ago.

Originally uploaded by OriginalTwistedSpinster
Hey, look at me! I'm getting organized!! hmmm... you will need to go to Flickr and click on "All Sizes" to see this large enough to read the numbers. Suffice it to say that I spun 2 bobbins of the Prudence fleece so far, at over 2 ounces each, and measured and organized skeins that I spun last fall for the Cowichan/Salish sweater.


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