Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Turtle Shell

Turtle Shell
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This is heartbreaking -- we found two turtle shells that were obviously the work of poachers. Here, Kathy is holding the whetstone they used to sharpen their knives. We confiscated it.

Campsite on the beach
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There was a campsite set up on the beach. Habecuc uses this when he comes here from his village. He even has a bottle buried under one of the bushes.

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I hope this captures the sense of awe and bliss we all felt. I adore Steph - this shows how intrepid and adventurous she is.

Progress on the fiber front - I finished the ribbing on one sock today. It helped that I was in a long meeting where I could use an anti-fidget. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, and will probably be able to finish the other. Think good thoughts for me-- the pain/neuropathy in the legs is flaring up. Hopefully, it'll just be a B12 or iron deficiency that's easily solved. (waving sharp pointy magical sock-knitting wands here)


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