Friday, June 08, 2007

Maybe this one's the right gansey...

Look at the gansey on the right-- that's the closest to what Elizabeth Lovick has described as a rocket gansey...

I'm liking it.

What's a rocket gansey, you ask? At The History of Rockets and Military Rocketry, they give this description:

Rocket Brigades

Rocket Brigades were mounted in most coastal towns in Britain and hence Australia (and presumably elsewhere) to assist vessels in distress usually those that had run aground on rocks, reefs etc. The rockets would both act as signals that help was at hand and also carry life lines to which larger tow ropes could be attached.

A fisherman clearly wearing a Gansey (Guernsey - Ed.) which, upon closer inspection, is almost certainly that of the "Cullercoats Rocket Brigade" is shown running through the streets of a small northern fishing village shouting "All hands man the Life-Boat!" is dated 26 November 1887. (end of quote)

(ruth again here) How cool would it be to knit up a rocket gansey in honor of my Roketman?



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