Monday, April 30, 2007

Focus, Ruth, Focus!!

Wow, that last post got garbled format-wise. I'm going to let it be, and my excuse is that it will probably get more garbled, not less.

But really, I need to get more focused.

SO!! I need to write down my goals, and stay focused.

Number One Goal:

***Do trial runs of the dyes for the Class I'm teaching on the Mayan Backstrap Weaving and Dyeing Workshop. ***
(in case you're interested, it's Saturday, May 19. Auspices of the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild. At Garen's house in Hollywood, ask for more details!)

Down time (aka television knitting): knitting on the Noro jacket, see previous blog entry. I'm finished both fronts, almost done with the sleeves, need to do the back and collar.

(insert whip-cracking sound effects here!)


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