Monday, June 04, 2007

Google Coolness...

So, I just discovered a new thing about Google...

but first, a bit of preliminary explanation.

You can have a Google "My Page" - which pretty much means you can add little applets (mini-applications) that do the things you need most often. I've got a dictionary (so I can look up spelling), weather for Anacortes Washington because that's where we're going on vacation, the "Unofficial Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon of the Day", Google Maps, a zip code converter, a currency converter -- that kind of stuff. There are pages and pages of applets to choose from.

I just saw that you can even add tabs, so you don't have to scroll down, and so you can organize stuff. So, I clicked on "Add a tab" and saw that you can name it what you want. AND - there's a "I'm feeling lucky - automatically add stuff based on the name". So... what the heck. I added "KNITTING" (but of course!)

Wow. Too cool - there's Wendy Knits, the Knitting Curmudgeon, the Yarn Harlot... and something called Knitting News Cast at . Interesting concept - kinda blog like, but the misspelling of newscast makes me wince instead of thinking it's clever word play.

More later ...


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