Thursday, May 03, 2007

And while I'm at it...

Here's the progress on the Noro jacket, posing on the drying rack with Prudence. hmm... not the greatest shot, but I still want you to be impressed at how fast it's going.

Phebie's Needle Arts is open in the new Claremont Packing House! It's an old citrus packing house, and I totally love how the sign evokes the old orange crate labels.

I admit that this shot coulda/shoulda been cropped a bit... but I really love the way those cotton skeins go so well together. I forgot to write down the name, but Erin bought a couple of skeins.

I have to share this -- I'm googling around for orange crate labels, with the idea of having a TwistedSpinster brand yarn label.

Go see this: BEN SAKOGUCHI - Orange Crate Label Series. Especially the "Happily Ever After" brand in group 4!


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