Monday, May 21, 2007

Life is Good

Ah, it was a good workshop on Saturday. Not great -- by the time I demo'd the backstrap weaving, I was too tired to do it very well. I feel like I didn't deliver the full promise of the workshop.

But the dyeing - oh! the cotton was a last minute "yeah, let's throw that in too." And it turned out the best!! The trick was the aluminum acetate mordant from Earthues.

And those marigolds I deadheaded from Claremont Village? They gave a BEAUTIFUL dye... there's more than one kind of magic in them, I swear. If I had a brain, I'd remember the name of the one student, who said she knew the landscapers that had installed the plantings!!

I have a charmed life, I think. I just have enough bad stuff to keep me humble, which is as it should be. I've said more than once-- God might drop me out with one hand, but he catches me with the other. Hope that doesn't sound like I'm ungrateful-- life is Good.

One of the best things in my life - my Roketman. I just had to say "Let's set up the dye pot in the back yard like last time", and he knew what to do. I didn't have to fuss about the video- he set it up and it worked like a charm. What a trooper, my hero, my love. (hmm. methinks I'm getting a bit sentimental here... does that mean a tornado's heading my way?)



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