Sunday, April 08, 2007

RBJ and Noro

OK, see my output for the week? That's 8 two-ounce bobbins' worth, with 4 of them plied in those skeins. The roving that's in the bags? That's what I want to get spun too...
8 bobbins, at 2 ounces each, is a pound of cotton this week! (I'm having the usual battle with the little voice that says "You're not done yet/good enough!") Shush.

Digression: the Roketman just turned the channel to DiscoveryHD, and they're playing Sunrise Earth. Wow, would I love to get those colors into yarn, and then into tapestry -- the painfully orange hues and velvety blues and purples. Maybe by using Pamela's auroras, where you do a saturated yellow and overdye with cochineal? Remind me to ask her about the literature citation for that.

Back to the RBJ (recycled blue jeans)... my plan is to spin up enough to offer to sell. Or at least, get out of the stash! What you see here is the bulk of one bag that I got from Janel of Chameleon Colorworks.

And in other fiber news, I'm looking for car knitting. This is the front contender right now... It's the Lucy pattern from Naturally Noro. And I have 10 balls (500gr) of Silk Garden, instead of 1000gr of Kochoran, so I'd have to do the sleeves in something contrasting.
See Ginger and Omen? They're our codependent kitties. She's in the process of trying to sit on his head, so he'll pay attention to her. Next, he'll wrestle with her a bit, and then they'll settle into a nice cuddly nap. Like an old married couple.
Digressing back to the car knitting-- next weekend, RM and I are driving his Dad Dale up to Redding for Jesse's memorial... Jesse being Evelyn's husband, Evelyn being Dale's sister.
I already started a kit from Habu, the linen paper blouse. Which is a really cool concept, and it's knitting up well, but I'm already hating the feel of knitting this yarn. It just doesn't knit up very fast -- it's more suited to throwing instead of picking. (I'm actually more of a flicker when I knit, not to get knitpicky or nothin'. oooo.... bad pun!)
Back to work... or spinning, or knitting... anything to avoid housework! LOL


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