Sunday, June 29, 2008

A real trip.

I'm feeling better this morning, the sense of humor is returning. Trouble is, the top lip is too swollen to smile the way I want to! oww. Maybe I can cultivate that Hollywood botox smile where the starlets smile with their eyes and upper cheeks.

The ankle doesn't hurt, because I have one of those immobilizing boots. Well, it does hurt when I put too much weight on it. It's a good thing the boat is small, there's always something to brace myself within arm's reach.

Today we're going back to Anacortes, where I'll have an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow. It's going to be an adventure... the ramps down to the pier are quite steep, even at high tide. I'm thinking Mike could taxi me in the boat to another marina, get me up to the parking lot, I'll get the courtesy van to take me to the right marina... Everything is logistics.

And the right wrist is hurting, but I can still type and knit. I haven't done any knitting yet, but that's next. The tahkli spindle is not going to happen, don't know about the SpinTech.

Am I bad to think about all that fiber stuff I'll get accomplished if I have to have surgery and stay home for 6 weeks?


At 2:15 PM , Blogger Jason said...

Ouch, ouch! I am glad that you are feeling a little better today.

At 4:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Ruth! I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope the Dr. has good news. At least you can knit : ) Still, not a fun way to begin your vacation : (
- Denise

At 9:14 PM , Blogger Marie said...

What happened? Washed your feet and couldn't do anything with them? I do hope all goes well and you don't have to return home.

At 2:30 PM , Anonymous Lorinda said...

Owwwwie! Ruth, I'm sorry to hear we share yet another trait: I am a semi-professional faller. I feel your pain/sprain!

Though injury is not entirely surprising - as I understand it, "Anacortes" translates to "without balance." The derivation is old middle french pig latin. It is too. Is too. Because I say so.

I hope this doesn't put a damper on your fun. Rock on!



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