Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogging without guilt

I was reading through blogs, and there was a reference to blogging without guilt. I don't recall who, and I googled a bit for it without much luck. It was about Blogging, not apologizing for non-blogging.

So, I'm back, not doing the guilt. Nope. Have I mentioned how Anita Luvera Mayer's "I Don't Do Guilt Anymore" changed my life? It's not a big book, more of a booklet, but it rescued me from feeling like HRH's midlife hormonal lobotomy was *my* fault.

So, you're wondering if I ever resolved that "what now" re-evaluation. Well, kinda. I've been able to drop the obsessive cotton fixation. But everything else just makes me go - ehhh.

I haven't written about going to Anacortes again - here's the link to the Anacortes Yacht Charter and the boat we're chartering, the Haiku. This is the same outfit we used last year, but last year's boat was the Princess Ruby.

This is the our biggest adventure last year on the Princess Ruby, with the Flickr pictures starting here.

Hopefully, we won't have a repeat this year!!

We're leaving next week Thursday, and we'll be on the water for two weeks. It's going to be So. Much. FUN. (obviously, we booked and paid for it before the gas prices skyrocketed, and the Roketman's year-end bonus will pretty much be eaten up.)

But, as you know I would, I've been focused on the fiber stuff to take.

There's the RocketGansey-Dottir, of course. My goal is to have the saddle shoulder sewn in and be knitting on the sleeves before we get on the plane.

And... I am taking the Spin-Tech! And enough carded punis to fill a small plastic tote (big enough for 8 1/2 x 11 manila files). There is a deck on the back where I can sit and spin. Heaven... hope it lives up to the fantasy.

There's a cashmere sweater I've had on hold since last year. It's navy blue. And we have 5 cats and 2 big white shaggy dogs, all heavy shedders. So, it's a good vacation project.

The backstrap looms? I spent all day Sunday lashing on one warp. I figured the first warp was slow and I'd get faster, but no. So I'm rethinking the whole backstrap loom thing. I can do the same thing with my table loom. Or more precisely, I can produce the kind of fabric I want with the table loom.

The whole cotton obsession is because I'm going to SOAR in October (am I the luckiest person on earth or what? btw, I have gotten the real confirmation now.) and I want to wear something out of my own cotton. I have a kinda-sorta woven shirt planned, based on a pattern in Pattern Magic. (link to a picture of the cover)

The other option is to weave miles of narrow 8" strips, and make a diagonal skirt, with a knitted sweater, maybe of the Habu variety like this.

Wow, once I started blogging tonight, I really got my ramble on, didn't I?


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