Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Amate Bookstore in Oaxaca City

Amate Bookstore
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This couple acted as greeters at Amate Books. They're wickerwork- quite impressive! If you go to the larger size picture on Flickr, you can see that the frame of the door is all dried flowers.

Fiber progress? Not much. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? My ambition is definitely in retrograde. hmmm... how much can I complain about a coworker who might read the blog? Not much. But the theme continues-- I work hard, and get abuse for the privilege.

Shifting to the positive-- I've been getting the bug to dye. Tonight I feel the need for color, and the fiber I have that takes the color best is some tussah/wool laps. I'm pretty sure this is the factory laps from Jagger Spun. I may jump in and dye it differently, but right now I want to do a 3ply dye gradation, sort of like JoJoland. I'll stay within these guidelines when I want to, except when I don't. Or when I change my mind. When I can find it.


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