Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gotta brainstorm on this...

What do you do when you want to brainstorm and the brain is nowhere to be found? (No, it's not up the wazoo. I checked.)

You make a note of it on the blog, and try to get back to it some day.

There's an entry on the Make blog about using an open-source programmable chip for crafts.

On a more practical level, you may just want to make your crafts more fun, interesting, and interactive by introducing some lights, motion, sound, or simple sensors. Stuffed toys can become glowing night-lights or cat-chasing robots, fibers can carry currents to make smart clothes, accessories, you name it. (end of quote)

And then they show some plushie steaks that are "irradiated sirloin night lights." Glow-in-the-dark meat. hmmm.

But this has possibilities. I just can't think of *what* a sweater could be... but imagine Vogue Knitting with a sweater pattern that includes coding for -- what? Lace holes that would get bigger so the sweater would adjust to ambient temperature?

What if the Paris fashion runways got ahold of this technology? Spinning necklines? Hats that shoo away flying insects?

hmm. This needs more thought.

Once I have a brain again.


At 4:47 PM , Blogger Ruth said...

Oh, hey... there's the idea of animating whatever animal you make into a walking stick cozy!!


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