Saturday, August 18, 2007

There are teachers...

... and then there are those teachers who truly know how to teach. Judith McKenzie knows the whys, wherefores, and truly knows how to teach. And has the stamina to do it all day, three days in a row.

And because I listened, I learned quite a few new things, when I didn't think I needed to. Ego? ME? yeah, me. I thought I had what I needed, to do the things that I wanted to do. Socks?? Life is too short. Buy sock yarn! Handspun socks get holes too fast.

Well. I thought what I was doing was worsted. hmmm.... the Rocket Gansey is fuzzing a bit, what's that all about? Must be the wool.

Nope. It wasn't worsted, because I was letting twist get to the fibers when they weren't parallel. I was using a point-of-twist draw. And that meant fibers are sticking out at an angle to the other fibers, which causes the fuzz.

Spin a truly worsted 3ply yarn, or maybe more with a cabled yarn, and Judith promises that not only can you send them through the washer (not the dryer, tho), but that they will last for 60 years. Even the cashmere-merino ones.

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This is my product for the day. Clicking on the picture will lead you to the rest of the pictures on Flickr...

Today was for resting, and catching up on laundry. Tomorrow Cecilia and I go back to the Fabulous Fiber Fest to take Judith's class on Handspinning for Handknitting.

Aw, heck. I oughta leave you with a better picture.... how's this?

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Or this one?

Not all wabbit are wascally!
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At 4:06 AM , Blogger landofoz said...

Who is the dark haired cutie in the blue chair? Oh, and the guy isn't bad either!

At 8:15 AM , Blogger Ruth said...

LOL - that's Chris, our guild's bunny-enabler.


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