Monday, June 18, 2007

Where's the ibuprofen?

Monday morning, and Gawd I'm sore. The legs are killing me, from all the standing at the helm while Skipper Terry showed Mike how to figure navigation, etc.

ST is on my sh*tlist-- it's unbelievably hard to make that man tell me what I need him to tell me. "See those two boats in the harbor?" "No, Terry, I see about eighteen boats. Which two do you mean?" "The blue one by the white one." "Well, that narrows it down to six boats. Now which ones?"

Or this scenario: "See that tree on the island over there?" "Terry, that island has a gazillion trees. Which one?"

The proverbial stick that broke the camel's back was when he tried to show me how to dock. I knew how it was gonna go, so I showed him how I wanted him to give me direction by hand movements. Instead, he grabs a pencil and starts drawing - with his hands in the way so I can't see. So I move around, and he's got two different drawings doing two different things. We end up the docking with about 6 guys running over to grab ropes, because Terry's changed his mind 3 times about where I should go and how.


Maybe it's pertinent to mention how he was talking about his mom having 8 husbands - that he knew about. And he's never been married. And how he's involved with community theater (shades of HRH!!)

OK, end of complaining about ST. I'm over my mad, but I haven't forgotten. This vacation is for Mike, and I'm NOT gonna do anything to spoil it for him.

Last night we were in Friday Harbor again, and today they're gonna do harbor maneuvering while I check out the LYS, Island Wools, and the bead store, Garuda and I. After lunch we're gonna head over to Roche Harbor.



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