Saturday, June 16, 2007

If it's Saturday night, this must be Friday Harbor!

I dunno, it just seems all too typical. The RM and I are so tired, it's been a long and wonderful day and all we want to do is sit in the salon (boat' dining area) and veg. I've gotten a good bit knitted tonight, and RM has downloaded a few NOAA maps so he and Skipper Terry can have a good game of one-upmanship tomorrow. You know what kind of contest I'm talking about.
So, here we are in a humming resort area, and we're listening to guitar rock (Tom Petty right now) on the radio and it's 10 o'clock and we're nodding off. The people in the boat next door went to bed an hour ago! I don't see anyone else in their boat either. It's too cold to sit outside- 47F. Funny, but that doesn't seem as cold here in the San Juans as it does in Los Angeles.
I'll leave you with the first picture of our boat, the Ruby Princess.


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