Sunday, June 24, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Ah, so good to be home again!

But that's like skipping to the last pages of the book, isn't it?

Since my last entry, we had a couple more notable adventures, including a run-in with Homeland Security! But first, I'm gonna be a brat and tell you about Thursday morning.

And how the boat didn't start. Again. Ayyy-yii-yii... We were all ready to start back to Anacortes, everything stored, battened down, and I pushed the starter button, and get a thunk. Uh-oh.

RM comes in, presses the button again, and not even a thunk. Big sigh... and a call to Anacortes Yacht Charter again. RM handled the call, but I could swear I heard a big sigh from that end too.

They called the marina repair service, who sent out a college-age woman who was very competent and who quickly diagnosed a starter button problem. She just wired up a bypass, and the engine fired right up. It was replaced within 15 minutes, and we were off! We navigated through Lopez Pass, across the channel, and right on in to the mooring with no problem whatsoever. (whew... this time the big sigh was relief!)

I gotta confess- a big highlight for me was going into Anacortes for supper, and being able to shop at Ana-Crosstitch right before closing. I got some sock yarn, of course. Tofutsies seemed like a really suitable choice, what with the chiton! Randall had remarked (over on FiberUniverse) "who has visions of Ruth knitting waterproof thermal "cozies"for their life jackets as smoke belched from the stern, the lightsflickered, and her yacht prepared for its final plunge"... I can't think of anything more waterproof that I'd want to knit. I'll think on it, and let you know if I come up with anything.

I also got a couple of pattern books... I oughta do a Knitter's Review on Ana-Crosstitch-- it's a great store!

We spent one last night on board, in the mooring, before checking in the boat the next morning (Friday). We got a credit on next year's cruise for all our problems... do I hear you laugh? Ah, it is truly worth all the problems we had.

Friday after lunch we headed up to Vancouver. I had requested the opportunity to go see Maiwa Handprints since we were so close... I spent way too much money, but got to see all three of their stores! Maiwa East is mainly furniture and fabrics they've imported from India. I got a really nice quilt that's dyed with indigo, in a shibori technique.

We scooted on to the other store, which ended up being on Granville Island! Verrry cool neighborhood, and I wish I had the time to go through all the shops. I didn't, though, because it was after 5 by then and RM was getting tired. Maiwa had two separate stores there in the same arcade. There's a store with all sorts of garments and neat stuff imported from India, and a separate store with all the dyes. Oh, be still my heart... oh. Just oh. I got some DVDs, some dyes, a really good respirator, and a cone for doing some paint resist like John Marshall does. Heaven. If you get to Vancouver, go there. Just GO.

I'm gonna publish this post now, and work on the Homeland Security post. I'm such a tease, I know. (big grin here)


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