Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled blog

I'm back now. I was gone, details withheld. But now I'm back.

I did have some fiber progress, and will take pictures soon. That, I can give details on!

I got a lot of knitting done, especially on the RocketGanseyDottir. In fact, I even got a bit too much done on it! The armholes are a bit too deep, so I'll rip a few rows before I sew the shoulder seam. No, wait! I want to do another saddle shoulder, so I'll rip even a few more. No big deal-- I was knitting to keep busy, and if I need to tweak for fit, I will.

The Pagewood Farm Socks (sorry, it's a Ravelry link and you'll need to be logged in) are back up to the heel, on both socks. I started those with the Jaywalker Socks pattern, and it looked great, but I misjudged the size. And the pattern is a bit too fiddly for fast knitting... so I went back to my standard 3x2 mistake rib pattern. Too bad it doesn't do the yarn justice! but I'm not going to rip out again.

Lastly, there's lots of progress on the cotton. I've rigged up a small backstrap loom for sampling, but haven't started weaving yet. (cue musical Annie) Tomorrow! Tomorrow! (cue needle ripping across vinyl record) Sorry! (giggle) Suffice it to say I'm goofy-tired.


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