Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Loyola Marymount Atrium

Loyola Marymount Atrium
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Here's a picture from a couple of weeks ago, when I went to a library colloquium for a consortium of small private colleges who use big words to describe themselves. ahem.

This is the atrium in a building at Loyola Marymount University, originally an office building for Hughes Aerospace. It does look very mid-century modern, doesn't it? The building is HUGE - at least two football fields long, and four stories tall. You can see all four levels-- this is taken from the third floor.

OK, I admit- it doesn't have much to do with anything fibery. It's just eye candy so I don't bore you to death when I say I combed two and a half more ounces on the Stardust fleece.


At 12:39 AM , Anonymous Debby said...

Not really mid-century; it was built in the early-mid 80's when Hughes was still owned by the medical foundation and didn't have stockholders to worry about. By the mid 90's it was a corporate white elephant. I was over there a few times for lunch and training; we who had come from Fullerton, which hadn't been painted since the early 70's (walls that were avocado green, harvest gold ...) were outraged to see David Hockneys hanging on the walls.

We always thought it should be converted to a shopping mall. Sort of an indoor Rodeo Drive. Put Nordstrom at one end, Bloomingdale's at the other end, fill it with upscale boutiques, and charge enough for parking to keep out the riffraff.


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