Sunday, March 23, 2008

More on knitting the RocketGansey-dottir

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Here's a shot of the fleece I'm currently working up. The name of the sheep is Stardust, a merino/Finn/something cross. As you can see, she got a Blue Ribbon at the Ventura County Fair!

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Before I wash this fleece in batches, I go through looking for second cuts. This happens when the shearer takes a second pass with the shears, and the lock gets cut shorter. It also makes for pills and neps (knotty places) in the yarn.

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Here's a really good shot of how the second cuts make the locks shorter. I can work with this, but the really short cuts go on the compost pile.

I left out a bit of back story on the RocketGansey-dottir... I'm basically doing the same thing as the Rocket Gansey as far as pattern and fit. But where the heck did I put my notes from last time?

What to do, what to do...

Here's a bit of digression. Those of us knitters who have been around a while tend to snicker at the questions of the really clueless newbies. (and if you're smart enough to wonder if that means you -- don't worry, it doesn't!) I'm talking about questions like "What would this sweater look like in blue?"

We have a standard smart-alec answer:

Ask the psychic knitter.

So, when I realized that we were going to Quartzsite on Saturday instead of Sunday (and this was on Friday afternoon!) I realized I needed to cast on RIGHT NOW! in order not to break my cardinal rule. You know the one - if I cast on while on a trip, it just won't work. Something will go wrong and I'll have to rip it all out.

So where the heck were my notes from the last Rocket Gansey??

I tore the house apart, and I couldn't find it.

I finally posted to Sheep Thrills, with the subject line: BTKE (Because Thrillers Know Everything): calling the psychic knitter thriller!

My message:

Where the he** did I put my notes on the Rocket Gansey??


The best answer:
Over there. Next to that thing.


sigh. I finally found the original email and printed that out.


At 11:24 PM , Blogger Soxnitter said...

Hah, I think I might like Wendy!


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