Thursday, March 27, 2008

Inexplicable Chicken Sox

Well, as far as inexplicable knitter behavior on April first, the best I've come up with is Chicken Sox. As in, if chickens wore socks, what would they look like?

I could knit a cozy for something strange, but what. This is Southern California, not much need for cozies. And inexplicable is standard operating procedure around here.

I should post that picture from the Pomona Yarn Lovers meeting on Wednesday at lunch. Marianne was knitting a hat, and put it on her head with needles sticking out of it. That's pretty inexplicable to non-knitters.

I've gotten puzzled looks when I try on gloves-in-progress, with dpns sticking out like a horror-movie prop. Hi! I'm knitting gloves for Freddy Krueger!

I wonder what would happen if I search "inexplicable knitter behavior -harlot" (the minus sign eliminates the Harlot from the results). Aww, there's the Bittersweet Blog. It's got some really cute amigurumi-type softies. It's almost as strange as the Anti-Craft. Who can forget Baby's First Teratoma?

I think strange has been done. Now, if I did something wired... like Leah Buechley's projects.

I think I need to work on this some more.

In fiber progress: no more combing Stardust for the past couple nights. However, since the Libraries are closed tomorrow for Cesar Chavez day (he's noted in California for unionizing the farm workers), I'm throwing a Dye Day in his honor. No lettuce*. Dodder in the dyepot.

Trouble is, I tweaked my Achilles' tendon pretty badly when I was out gathering the dodder. Silly me, I thought the sandals would be stable enough to clamber around an abandoned field.

In other news, I pulled out the entirety of the RocketGansey-dottir, because it was measuring 64 inches instead of 60. Remember City Slickers? Do-over!

*For anyone not in California in the 60s, there was a lettuce boycott to help support the farm-workers.


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