Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clown Dyepot!

Clown Dyepot!
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This is what I pulled out of the Clown Dyepot last weekend. (sorry to be tardy getting the picture out of the camera and online... I think I'm still working through the aftereffects of buying so many fleeces!) On the bottom right are "teabags" with mohair, then a couple of wool rovings, and a skein of Henry's Attic mohair yarn at back.

Those rovings in the middle are both overdyes - one is some white that I dyed a long time ago and really didn't like the color, and the other is red dyed over a grey roving from Brown Sheep Yarn Company.

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I thought I'd share a good picture of the JoJo puppy. She's a Great Pyranees, 12 years old, and getting skinny in her old age. 12 is huge for large breeds... Those are apricot blossoms all around her. She's a wonderful dog, and I love her to pieces.

Madder and indigo seedlings
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These are the seedlings I finally got potted today. One flat is madder and the other is indigo. There are two different indigos here- Indigofera and Polygonum. The Polygonum is obviously more vigorous than the Indigofera!

I don't have a picture yet, but have combed about 14 ounces of the Stardust fleece. Oh, it's yummy! I'm almost halfway to my goal, combing 32 ounced before I start putting it through the drum carder. I'm getting out lots of itty bitty second cuts, so hopefully this sweater won't pill. That's the plan, anyway!


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